Progressive Die Stamping | Full-Service Ohio Metal Stamper

PMD conduit straps are an example of products created through the progressive die stamping process.

Progressive Die Stamping | Full-Service Ohio Metal Stamper

Progressive Machine Die (PMD) is an Ohio-based, full-service metal stamper, which offers a myriad of reliable services. PMD offers progressive die stamping as well as design and prototyping, stamping, production, in-house tooling, and assembly. Furthermore, PMD is one of the few manufacturers in the U.S. that produces conduit straps and hangers.

PMD also supplies a variety of industries with stamped metal parts such as Hardware, Bearings, and Gas Distribution. They have been able to grow their company by consistently exceeding the expectations of their clients. PMD’s staff is more than capable of meeting specific engineering criteria and strict deadlines. Their dedication has also allowed them to evolve from a tool and die shop to a niche-market supplier, serving both national and international customers. PMD regularly demonstrates that they are a top provider of progressive die stamping and other metal stamping services.

About PMD | Progressive Die Stamping

PMD, founded in 1963, now operates from a purpose-built, 80,000 square foot facility, which opened in 1999. This building houses PMD’s administrative headquarters, manufacturing plant, and engineering and design facility.

Reinvesting in Equipment

PMD’s dedication to its policy of consistently investing in increasingly advanced technology and machinery is what sets them apart from other companies. They have recently acquired new press lines, packaging lines, and assembly equipment. In addition, the operators themselves perform the press set-ups, contributing to overall productivity and efficiency.

Loyal Vendor Base

PMD manufactures its products in a wide variety of sizes and types of materials, including ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. During their time in the industry, they have built a strong relationship with their suppliers. Their focus on loyalty to their vendor base provides the advantage of prompt delivery of high-grade materials, even in tough market conditions. Furthermore, PMD’s teamwork with vendors allows them to meet customer demands of inventory requirements. Good working relationships with suppliers also give PMD the ability to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Asking the Right Questions

When working with clients, PMD maintains close, consistent contact to ensure quick response time for any possible changes. Actively trying to make the customer’s job easier has led PMD to further improved procedures that increase customer productivity. PMD asks the right questions to understand exactly what the customer needs, ensuring satisfaction at every request.

Loyal Workforce | Progressive Machine Die 

PMD has developed a loyal workforce by providing impeccable working conditions. Staff members receive a comprehensive benefits package, and when combined with modern equipment, maintain workforce stability. Furthermore, machine operators take responsibility for the quality that comes from their stations, allowing them pride in their personal work.

The promises PMD makes to customers, vendors, and employees have been proven reliable. This combined with the high-quality products they offer has provided them with success. Anyone looking for progressive die stamping and other metal stamping services should consider PMD. They will work to ensure you are satisfied with your product and the process leading up to it.