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Portable Dock Ramp | Loading/Unloading | Copperloy

If your company receives freight shipments, a portable dock ramp is a must. Portable dock ramps move loads from trucks to ground level or from ground level to docks and vice versa. Offering solutions for all business need big and small. For example, if your business loading/unloading needs are seasonal you can avoid the investment of loading ramps with their rentals of factory-certified ramps.

However, if your facility is loading/unloading on a consistent schedule then the investment of new ramps would benefit your business. Whatever your loading/unloading needs are Copperloy has a solution for your business.

Significantly, Copperloy customers can purchase new installations and benefit from leading financing options, purchase used equipment, or rent freight handling solutions. Visit the Copperloy website to find out more about portable dock ramp options.

Industry Leading Portable Dock Ramp From Copperloy

You can trust in Copperloy’s industry-leading portable dock ramp pieces. Their ramps are engineered to maximize space, productivity, and safety.

Additionally, all of Copperloy’s products are made in the USA. Dock ramps need to be safe, functional and efficient. Working with outdated equipment it could lead to a negative impact on your facilities’ operation and the safety of employees.

With forklifts loading and unloading freight shipments all day, the ramps need to support the tremendous workload. Copperloy’s ramps are built to handle intense usage, providing reliability and longevity.

To list, client businesses have turned to Copperloy by JH Industries for yard ramps, dock-to-ground ramps, forklift ramps, ground-to-truck ramps, portable dock platforms, yard ramp rentals and more. Don’t hesitate to contact Copperloy today, they will assist in the best solution for loading and unloading needs.

Truck Loading Safety | Confidence with Copperloy

Searching for a portable dock ramp? Safety is a priority to Copperloy.  Their ramps incorporate one of a kind safety features. Additionally, Copperloy wants you and your employees to be safe at all times while loading/unloading freight shipments.


Ensure loads are secure – It is crucial that all materials are secure prior to transporting. Damage to contents could occur if not.  Also, unsecured loads create many risks when unloading.  Warrant stability with load bars, vertical supports, road straps, and safety chains.

Remain aware of the loading zone – Pay close attention to your surroundings.  When loading trucks are backing into the loading zone, steer clear and remain in the driver’s line of sight.  Remember, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you.  Lastly, stay out of the loading zone until the truck has come to a complete stop.

Stay aware of machines while in the loading zone – Remain insight of operators and steer clear of machines while on foot in the loading zone.  In turn, avoid injury or fatality in the event of equipment malfunction.

Map all gaps and drop-offs – Use Copperloy’s helpful accessories to map and bridge any gap or spaces.  Dock boards, dock plates, edge-of-dock levelers, and more help simplify this task!  Plus, Copperloy ramps feature lips that rest securely on platforms.  Account for all gaps and drop-offs to assure confidence where your team steps while unloading.

Lift with proper technique – Practice adequate lifting techniques when unloading to protect against accidents and injury.  Lift with the knees to take an unnecessary strain off of the back muscles!  Also, keep the object close to you while carrying for additional control and balance.
Implementing these quick tips will help avoid accidents and injuries.

Portable Dock Ramp Safety is Copperloy’s Top Priority

OSHA Guidelines for Forklift Use Yard Ramps and Portable Dock Ramps

In light of the number of accidents on forklifts, OSHA estimates 85 fatal forklift accidents per year; 34,900 forklift accidents result in serious injury; and 61,800 are classified as non-serious. Copperloy takes dock ramp safety seriously in all the features of their yard ramp feature design.  This data is supported by  the Industrial Truck Association, who estimates there are about 855,900 forklifts in the U.S. Therefore, over 11% of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident each year.

Forklift fatalities by industry and type:

Fatal Accident Type %   Where fatalities occur %
Crushed by vehicle tipping over 42%   Mining 1.2
Crushed between vehicle and a surface 25%   Construction 23.8
Crushed between two vehicles 11%   Manufacturing 42.5
Struck or run over by a forklift 10%   Transportation 11.0
Struck by falling material 8%   Wholesale trades 12.5
Fall from platform on the forks 4%   Retail trade 9.0

OSHA’s guidelines for portable dock ramp safety are related to speed and maintaining a slow, controlled ascent or descent on the ramp. Specific requirements include:

  • 29 CFR 1926.451(e)(5)(ii)– “No ramp or walkway shall be inclined more than a slope of one vertical to three horizontal (20 degrees above the horizontal).”
  • 29 CFR 1910.178(n)(7)– “Grades shall be ascended or descended slowly.”
  • 29 CFR 1910.178(m)(6)– “A safe distance shall be maintained from the edge of ramps…”

The design of the forklift ramps from Copperloy helps meet these requirements, keeping forklift operators safe.