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Are you looking for precision plastic fabrication services? Jaco Products has been a top provider of plastic fabrication services since 1948. With their advanced machinery and technology, they offer some of the best plastic products in the industry. As a result, many different industries rely on Jaco for precision plastic fabrication. Industries including medical, military and aerospace all depend on Jaco for high-quality plastic products. Jaco uses their 70+ years of experience to tackle any plastic fabrication challenge. They can also manufacture products faster with competitive pricing.

Services Offered by Jaco

Jaco Products is a full-service plastic products manufacturer offering a variety of services. With an expert, in-house team of engineers, Jaco can handle any plastic fabrication challenge. Jaco has the knowledge and skill to manufacture custom products for any client’s requirements. Related services include Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Prototype Molding, Engraving, CNC Machining, Post Mold Molding, Hardware Insertion, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, Secondary Operations, Screen Printing, Assembly, Ultrasonic Welding, Plastic Welding, and Injection Molding Tooling.

CNC Plastic Machining

CNC Machining stands for Computerized Numerical Control Machining. This method is incredibly versatile, working ideally for many different manufacturing applications. Computerized devices then carry out the necessary manufacturing tasks. Jaco Products applies immense experience with thermoplastic and thermoset materials to create unmatched products. Jaco’s machining abilities include 5-axis machining, routing, milling and turning with precision tolerances of .0001″. Furthermore, the continuous improvement of their machinery and manufacturing methods allows them to more effectively produce both small and large volume runs with high tolerance requirements.

Plastic Injection Molding

This is a plastic shape-forming process, which involves the melting and forcing of plastic into a mold to squeeze it into the correct shape. After cooling the plastic, the mold releases the part and starts molding another part. Injection molding is typically best for producing solid objects. Jaco offers custom injection molding services for thermoplastic materials up to 29 ounces.

Mold & Platen Insulation

Using high-performance thermal insulation to control heat transfer is the best solution for reducing energy consumption and improving processing efficiency. Jaco Products offers high-performance mold insulation, platen insulation, and thermal insulation board. Furthermore, Jaco platen and mold insulation can come in 17 different materials.

Stamping & Die Cutting

Stamping is one of the most efficient methods for reducing material costs, increasing production rates and improving overall consistency for manufacturing custom plastic components. Jaco Products is a leader in stamping & die-cutting for the electrical insulation industry. They have the experience to manufacture complex parts with some of the highest tolerance requirements.

Why Choose Jaco Products? 

Choosing Jaco means you are working with a company that can complete virtually any plastic fabrication project. If you are looking to create parts other companies have refused to make, Jaco will gladly take on the challenge. In difficult situations where the part cannot be molded with the existing design, Jaco can find a way to complete your project. With many years of experience in machining and innovation, Jaco offers the expertise necessary for meeting any client’s specifications. You can always rely on Jaco to complete even the most challenging projects.

Jaco Products has been one of the leading suppliers of precision plastic fabrication services for over seventy years, having started in 1948. Since then, they have dedicated their resources to the continuous improvement of their products and fabrications methods. Nothing ever gets passed Jaco’s manufactures. With a sharp eye for detail and state-of-the-art technology, they always provide customers with the best possible results. As a result, many prominent organizations in various industries rely on Jaco Products for reliable plastic components.

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