Looking for Pediatricians Who Accept Medicaid?

Looking for Pediatricians Who Accept Medicaid?

Our team at Fishbowl believes that everyone should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.  That is why we stand behind our client AxessPointe.  AxessPointe believes that health is a fundamental human right and they have made it their mission to be providers of quality, affordable, and compassionate health care for every patient, every time in all communities they are capable of reaching.  That is why we strongly recommend AxessPointe when searching for pediatricians who accept Medicaid.

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AxessPointe Care

AxessPointe provides families and individuals in Summit and Portage counties with access to an array of health services.  Their services include primary care, behavioral health, dental services, women’s health, internal medicine, and pharmaceutical services.  Their team’s diverse skillsets, backgrounds and expertise set them apart from other providers within the industry.

AxessPointe’s focus is on the underinsured or uninsured, their services are open and encouraged for all.  Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances are accepted.  AxessPointe is dedicated to their patients and provide quality health services from when they are babies all the way throughout the golden years.  AxessPointe’s team of skilled general doctors and nurse practitioners make them an ideal choice when searching for pediatricians who accept Medicaid.

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Pediatricians who Accept Medicaid | Consider AxessPointe

When searching for pediatricians who accept Medicaid, we recommend AxessPointe.  While they do not have pediatricians, their knowledgable and experienced team of family doctors and nurse practitioners encompass the skills to best care for your child.  Some of the diverse medical support AxessPointe can offer your child includes:

  • Baby-Wellness Checks
  • General Children’s Health
  • Acute and Urgent Care
  • Behavioral Specialists
  • Children’s Preventative Health
  • Vaccines and Immunizations
  • Referral to Local Children’s Health Specialists

AxessPointe is dedicated to all levels of care for your child including their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  AxessPointe operates on the belief that there is a strong connection between the behavioral and physical and its impact on overall health. AxessPointe Doctors

With general wellness checks and diagnostic assessments, AxessPointe facilitates integrated care with their patient’s best interest in mind.   Their team has created respectable relationships with local specialists for all diagnostics outside of their expertise.  No matter the course of action, AxessPointe is more than capable of providing compassionate, high-quality care for all of their patients’ best interest.

AxessPointe Community Health Center |  Fishbowl Design

AxessPointe has been a client of ours at Fishbowl Design since 2017.  The nature of our partnership vouches for the level of professionalism, communication and understanding that AxessPointe provides its own customers.

Fishbowl Design provides marketing services and solutions for small and middle-sized businesses across Northeast Ohio.  We facilitate marketing strategies custom to each of our client’s business model that will propel them towards their full potential.  Because we believe in AxessPointe and the level of care that they offer, we aim to help them reach as many families and individuals within their community as possible.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with AxessPointe and aiding in all of their accomplishments to come.

Author: Julie Stout

Julie Stout is a graphic designer / website designer