Finding The Right Vehicle

Choose your next vehicle wisely

If you are looking for used cars Columbia SC has an inventory available that is better than most places.  All of the dealerships in this area offer top-quality trucks, Suv’s minivans and even utility vehicles at great prices.  If you are in the market for trustworthy and reliable transportation this would be a great area to start your search in.

The best part is that the majority of the car lots have all of the newer models of vehicles.  This means that anything you buy will most likely have a great working air conditioning and heating unit.  For me personally, the HVAC system of a car can be the determining factor in me buying that vehicle.  I think that everyone likes a vehicle that can cool off and heat up as quick as possible.

Probably the best benefit of buying a vehicle used is the fact that it has more value to it.  So if you do decide to trade it in or sell it you will get more of your money back.  When you buy brand new the vehicle loses its value as soon as you drive it off of the lot.  This means when you trade it in or sell it you get back much less of your money spent.


HVAC Service Needs

Find your AC contractor

This time of year usually means that the heating and air Wilmington NC companies are starting to slow down.  As fall approaches most air conditioning repair jobs are completed.  The ones that are not quite finished are not too much of a concern.  This is because the cooler weather is moving in and cold air moving through the central air system is not needed as much.

Now, just because a resident or business owner does not need their AC unit working does not mean they do not need heat.  This means that their heat pump needs to have its routine service call performed as soon as possible.  Most residential and commercial locations have already had their heating and cooling maintenance work either scheduled or performed.

If you by chance have not had yours checked out yet I advise that you do so soon.  Even though most companies are slowing down very soon they will start receiving emergency heating repair calls.  If this begins to happen you may have to wait even longer to get your airflow system checked.

A Much Needed Service

#1 service performed in 2018

Every HVAC Wilmington NC company has broken records this current year.  Most of those records include sales and heating and air jobs performed.  Many of these records are being broken due to the damage of hurricane Florence.  This storm destroyed many commercial and residential central air and heat pump systems.  Leaving many residents and business owners with no working heating and cooling supply.

With the amount of damage that occurred, it is taking every single AC and general contractor in the area working night and day.  Many companies are even calling on help from central air system companies from other states to help.  Thankfully most of these companies are sending some of their air conditioning repair employees to the area to provide assistance.

Hopefully with the extra help that is being provided the city and the surrounding areas that were affected will be back up and running soon.  Just remember, if you are one of those individuals that reside in this area and are in need of heating and cooling repairs.  Please be patient because clients from all around are in need of the same thing as you. Remember everyone is trying to do the best they can to provide that help.