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The Internet is now an integral part of the business world; thus, the large majority of businesses need some form of website to succeed in the modern economy. If your company needs a website but has no design team, hire a web design company! Fishbowl Design is web design company with immense experience in web and graphic design. We work closely with each of our clients to develop a greater understanding of their brand and market it to the best of our ability. In addition to our services as a web design company, we offer services in both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management (SMM). Therefore, Fishbowl Design can enhance your presence on Google Search results as well as many social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more! We are a web design company that works to augment the successes of our clients.

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With Fishbowl Design, Ohio businesses can spur the growth of their online presence. We work with small to mid-size Northeast Ohio companies ranging from five to five-hundred employees. Our experience as a web design company can help your business reach your 2019 goals.

Fishbowl Design can do it all. You can rely on our expert staff to design your brand, marketing assets, and website. Our graphic designers will create a professional aesthetic for your website. We will then promote your brand and elevate it above your competition. Lastly, we develop and employ a full digital marketing program. With our digital marketing tools and our experience in SEO, SMM, and PR, we can promote your business with unmatched efficacy. Furthermore, our services are much more cost-effective than other Northeast Ohio agencies. Fishbowl Design’s seo services start at only $950/month.

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The Fishbowl Design team offers expertise in both traditional and digital marketing. We can propel your business to the top of search engine results and increase activity on social media.

SEO & Social Media Management

Search engines and social media platforms are incredibly important for commercial exposure. Thus, Fishbowl Design offers SEO & SMM services in addition to our web design services. Our SEO service packages are designed to place our clients at the top of search engines like Google. Furthermore, with Fishbowl’s SMM services, you will see much more activity and exposure on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! Starting at just $950/month, Fishbowl Design can attract countless new customers to your site.

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Although we are a relatively small agency, we maintain our spot as a competitive leader among Ohio web design companies. Despite our size, we are more than capable of tackling an array of projects for a diverse clientele. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Relative to other web design companies in the Akron/Cleveland area, Fishbowl Design offers the most value with affordable pricing. Whether you are looking to design a simple flyer or re-brand entirely, Fishbowl Design’s expert staff can help.

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If you are looking for a web design company to improve your business’ online presence, consider Fishbowl Design. Learn more about our services on our official blog or visit our website.