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At Fishbowl, we do all we can to streamline a client’s digital presence for the most effective reflection of a brand vision possible.  Similarly, the team from Ohio Garage Interiors commits to providing premier home improvement transformations. In all, the team revitalizes Ohio garages to provide both refreshed aesthetics and optimal function. 

If you have been wanting to transform your space, then you can count on OGI to bring your vision into reality. Learn more about available flooring solutions by visiting the company website. You can also learn about the OGI team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog.  

4 Of the Most Common DIY Epoxy Mistakes | Ohio Garages | Ohio Garage Interiors 

The videos are all over YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms of epoxy floor installations that feature all sorts of colorful, swirling designs.  The process may seem like the perfect addition to a home improvement project. However, when you choose to go DIY rather than partnering with a professional installer, you can end up dealing with significant cost and frustration in the long run.  See the list below of four of the most common mistakes when taking on a DIY epoxy garage floor installation.  

  • Allowing for the Accumulation of Moisture
    • DIYers often do not allow a full 24 hours for a floor to dry.  
    • Both mold and mildew growth can present numerous health risks.  
  • Inadequate Floor Preparation
    • Not cleaning a floor thoroughly enough before applying epoxy can lead to serious damage. 
    • Many homeowners often skip necessary concrete grinding.
  • Poor Mixing
    • Mixing to quickly can lead to a harmful buildup of air. 
    • Improper interpretation of the resin-to-hardener ratio can also lead to inadequate curing.  
  • Application at Incorrect Temperature
    • Applying epoxy at too low of a temperature can lead to ineffective curing.
    • On the same note, high levels of humidity can lead to delamination, peeling, and discoloration.  

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Homes and businesses all over the Northeast Ohio community count on the team from OGI for top-quality flooring installations.  From home garages to basements, to commercial facilities of all kinds, the OGI team has what you need to transform your space. 

Father and son Chad and Scott Gleske lead the company in providing durable finishes and custom designs. Significantly, the company does not have subcontractors on its team.  This allows OGI to maintain as experienced staff as possible, and optimal quality, as a result.  

OGI flooring solutions are notable for

  • Exceptional Durability
  • Flexibility
  • UV Resistance 
  • Nontoxicity
  • Slip Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Ease of Maintenance | Extra Space
  • Nonporous Surfaces
  • A 10-Year Warranty Against Both Peeling and Delamination
  • Free Quotes
  • Free On-Site Design Consultations

Ohio Garage Interiors Flooring Options | Ohio Garages 

  • Decorative Vinyl Flake Blends
  • Variegated Vinyl Flake Blends
  • Organic Mica Flake Blends
  • Solid Color Floor Coatings

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