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Are you looking for electrical hardware equipment like MC straps, hangers, washers or other products? Conduit Hardware offers a variety of electrical hardware products from Progressive Machine Die (PMD). PMD is a metal stamping company in Ohio, manufacturing metal parts for a variety of different industries. They created the Conduit Hardware website to have an effective online outlet for electrical hardware product distribution including MC straps, washers, hangers, and more.

The function of conduit and MC straps is to support Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) to masonry, wood, and many other surfaces. Conduit Hardware offers many different sizes and types of MC straps:

EMT Straps – Snap-on feature for quick installation. Provide load-bearing when mounting.

Rigid Straps – Provide support for rigid conduit while mounting.

1 Hole AC Strap | 1 Hole MC Straps – Provide support for armored and metal-clad cables.

If you are looking to purchase high-quality MC straps, visit the Conduit Hardware website for a comprehensive list of all sizes and types of available MC straps. PMD produces standard and custom electrical hardware products, so you can find the exact hardware for your application. PMD also uses the latest in precision metal stamping equipment for the highest available product quality. | Electrical Hardware Products

MC Straps

The following lists a few of the many products on the Conduit Hardware website:

  • 1-Hole EMT Straps
  • 2-Hole EMT Straps
  • 1-Hole Rigid Straps
  • 2-Hole Rigid Straps
  • 1-Hole AC/MC Straps
  • Conduit Hangers with Carriage Bolt and Nut
  • Conduit Hangers with Formed Thread
  • Strut Hangers with Bolt and Nut
  • Steel Beam Clamps
  • Safety Plates
  • Reducing Washers
  • Steel Nail Straps
  • Steel Work Box Support Bracket

PMD Metal Stamping Services | Conduit Hardware

As a leading, full-service metal stamping company in Ohio, PMD saw an opportunity for a more effective distribution of its products through Conduit Hardware. PMD began in 1963, and they now offer metal parts manufacturing, design, and prototyping for many industries and applications. These industries include electrical, hardware, gas distribution, and more!

PMD operates with a staff of metal manufacturing professionals, creating standard and custom MC straps, hangers, reducing washers, and many other electrical hardware products. Choosing PMD means you receive American-made products from skilled, American workers, so you get both the best quality and the best customer service.

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Looking for MC straps and other electrical hardware products? Check out Conduit Hardware today! Learn more about PMD on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.