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Allscapes Ohio | Lawn Irrigation

With Summer comes the timely consuming task of watering your lawn, with Allscapes Ohio Lawn Irrigation System you won’t need to worry. The Allscapes team will design and install your system for your lawns needs. Allscapes team members will analyze the area to determine the placement of the sprinkler heads. Many factors like paved surfaces, the shape, and slope of the lawn, varying plant types of flower beds, trees of property all make a difference. Consistent watering is the key to the perfect lawn, and Irrigation installation achieves this. So not only will you have a lawn your neighbors will envious of you also didn’t put in the time to do it.

 Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance

It’s important to continue proper maintenance to ensure the system is properly calibrated and working to it’s best abilities. With your new system or pre-existing system, Allscapes Ohio is here for maintaining your system from Start-Up to Shut-Off.

Start-Up System includes:

  • Individual zone start-up and testing
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage
  • Ensure the system is operating correctly (no leaks, no damage to heads)
  • Programming system controller for the upcoming summer season

Shut-Off System includes:

  • Applying each zone with compressed air so its ready for Ohio’s Winter season
  • If applicable back-flow device is blown out
  • Ensuring all program controllers are shut down for the Winter season

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