Hydraulic Truck Cranes for Sale | 3 Unique Advantages

hydraulic truck cranes for sale

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Fishbowl Design and TK Cranes work together to make crane rental services more accessible to the general public. TK Cranes has many hydraulic truck cranes for sale as well as many other forms of crane and equipment solutions. While TK Cranes provides customers with the equipment they need, Fishbowl equips them with effective digital marketing tools and strategies.
As a result, TK Cranes can more effectively compete with their industry rivals and reach a wider audience of both current and potential customers. Furthermore, anyone looking for hydraulic truck cranes for sale or other crane rental services can more easily find a provider they can trust.
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3 advantages of hydraulic truck cranes for sale

Hydraulic truck cranes are an incredible addition to virtually any construction operation. These cranes offer advantages you will not find with larger, heavier cranes and lifting equipment. As a leading provider of crane rental solutions, TK Cranes can help you find the perfect truck cranes for your application. So, you can benefit from all the unique advantages hydraulic truck cranes have to offer.


Hydraulic truck cranes have their cranes mounted directly onto the top of the truck. So, these cranes are ideal for applications involving long-distance travel or frequent movement between multiple job sites. These cranes are also capable of moving at highway speeds, making moving between job sites quicker and easier. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for special transport equipment, saving you more time and money.

Makes working easier

When construction workers need to complete tasks at elevated locations or even move large objects to these locations, hydraulic truck cranes make the job much easier. These cranes can easily move workers and construction equipment from ground level to higher locations. As a result, workers can get jobs done safely and quickly, increasing overall productivity.

Adaptable for many applications

Hydraulic truck cranes are also uniquely adaptable for a wider variety of applications than other cranes. Bridge construction, electrical line maintenance, tree trimming, and freight transportation are just a few of the many applications where truck cranes excel. If you need lifting equipment for a wide variety of jobs at various construction sites, TK Cranes’ hydraulic truck cranes for sale are perfect for you.

Other crane rental options

In addition to hydraulic truck cranes for sale, TK Cranes offers a variety of other crane and equipment options. So, they can fulfill the needs of nearly any construction operation.

All-terrain cranes

These cranes are another form of mobile crane equipment. All-terrain cranes have the abilities of both rough-terrain cranes and hydraulic truck cranes. These cranes also utilize more tires to enhance overall stability and maneuverability. If your application requires the ability to traverse public roads as well as off-road areas, all-terrain cranes are the ideal solution.

TK Cranes offers a wide variety of all-terrain cranes available for purchase or rental from many distinguished manufacturers. So, you can find the best crane for your operation.

Rough-terrain cranes

A rough-terrain crane will provide you with superior control and steering when traversing even the most extreme off-road locations. TK Cranes has a variety of rough-terrain cranes for sale, offering user-friendly operation and unmatched strength. As a result, you can maximize efficiency and productivity on your job sites.

Job sites with rough, off-road terrain typically have some form of rough-terrain lifting equipment. Rough-terrain cranes come with four, large, rubber tires for maximum stability when moving over off-road areas.

Thus, they are ideal in many different construction applications. TK Cranes hydraulic truck cranes for sale cannot effectively traverse these areas. So, if your operation involves large expanses of rough terrain, you need a rough-terrain crane.

Crawler cranes

These cranes get their name from the tracks on which they move. These tracks are called “crawlers.” Crawler cranes are a specialized type of lifting equipment, offering the ability to travel over most surfaces on job sites. However, softer soils can cause trouble for crawler crane traversal.

These cranes can also travel while carrying extremely heavy loads. As a result, they are much heavier and slower than other forms of crane equipment. So, they are not capable of traveling between different job sites without the use of specialized moving equipment.

If your operation requires moving large, heavy objects over short distances, crawler cranes are perfect for you. If you need higher mobility, however, hydraulic truck cranes for sale and other more mobile options are a better solution.

TK Cranes has a large catalog of crawler cranes with various max lifting capacities. These cranes also offer user-friendly controls, improving overall safety and productivity.

Boom trucks

Boom trucks are somewhat similar to hydraulic truck cranes. They can lift workers to elevated locations and help them lift unwieldy objects and equipment to where they need to work. Boom trucks are ideal for situations where workers need to frequently move from ground level to higher locations. Some applications of boom trucks include tree trimming, maintenance of power lines, window washing, bridge construction, and more.

In addition to high mobility and adaptability, boom trucks feature large flatbeds. So, you can more easily transport your equipment from one site to another. TK Cranes offers many boom trucks from reliable manufacturers. These trucks can easily travel over highways, allowing you to complete work on various job sites more efficiently.

Carry deck cranes

Carry deck cranes are a particularly unique form of lifting equipment. In fact, these cranes function as invaluable pieces of equipment on any construction or freight-loading job site. Applications involving traversal of low-profile, compact areas can benefit greatly from carry deck cranes.

These cranes can also move heavy loads over short distances. So, they can move heavy materials through small, tight spaces inaccessible to other cranes and equipment.

TK Cranes has a diverse selection of carry deck cranes from various manufacturers. Their equipment offers incredible durability, high lifting capacities, and user-friendly controls. So, you can trust TK Cranes to give you the equipment you need to maximize productivity.

About TK Cranes

Tom Kasner has been working in the crane and equipment industry for more than 35 years. While working in the industry, he noticed a lack of reliable, professional channels through which customers could buy, sell, and market their cranes and equipment. In fact, these people had been struggling to effectively market their equipment for years. So, Tom Kasner created the TK Crane Sales Company in 2001.

Today, TK Cranes maintains a goal to transparently represent cranes and equipment to the industry. Also, they have had consistent success for nearly 20 years. TK Cranes has become synonymous with credibility and integrity, so customers know they are working with a reputable provider. Whether you are buying or selling cranes, TK Cranes will use their 35 years of industry experience to fulfill all your crane and equipment needs.

Crane brokering services

In addition to the buying and selling of cranes, TK Cranes offers crane brokering services. Tom Kasner utilizes his 35 years of experience to accurately determine the value of cranes and equipment. TK Cranes also has access to many professional contacts in the industry. So, finding the best buyer or seller is easier than ever.

Furthermore, working through these professional channels will save you more time and money by eliminating the need for expensive, personal advertising.

TK Cranes has the experience and connections necessary for completing crane and equipment transactions that are ideal for everyone involved.

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hydraulic truck cranes for sale