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This time of year usually means that the heating and air Wilmington NC companies are starting to slow down.  As fall approaches most air conditioning repair jobs are completed.  The ones that are not quite finished are not too much of a concern.  This is because the cooler weather is moving in and cold air moving through the central air system is not needed as much.

Now, just because a resident or business owner does not need their AC unit working does not mean they do not need heat.  This means that their heat pump needs to have its routine service call performed as soon as possible.  Most residential and commercial locations have already had their heating and cooling maintenance work either scheduled or performed.

If you by chance have not had yours checked out yet I advise that you do so soon.  Even though most companies are slowing down very soon they will start receiving emergency heating repair calls.  If this begins to happen you may have to wait even longer to get your airflow system checked.

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  1. This is normally the best time of year to have a service call performed. If you wait too much longer you may get put on an extended waiting list. If anyone else has any good HVAC tips please do share them.

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