Hardwood Floor Installation Cost | Floorscapes

Hardwood Floor Installation Cost | Floorscapes

As you might have guessed, hardwood floor installation cost can vary drastically.  There are two very different ends of the spectrum based on materials used and local flooring installers costs.  Thankfully, Floorscapes is there to help.

Floorscapes has provided the Stow area with beautiful flooring solutions since 2006.  Floorscapes installs many flooring types and endless color combinations.  Flooring options include hardwood, tile, cork, laminate, slate, and more!

Year after year, hardwood floor is a timeless trend.  Discover diverse options based on budget.  

Hardwood Flooring | An Overview

Hardwood flooring is a crowd favorite.  Providing durability, versatility, and timeless aesthetics, these traits are a must!  In addition, wood flooring is easy to clean and great for homeowners with allergies.

Floorscapes offers an array of wood flooring.  Possibilities range from traditional hardwood to engineered hardwood.  Both of which are sold $/square foot.  Keep in mind the project measurements to get a better idea of pricing.

The two main types of hardwood flooring  are traditional wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Installation Costs

Traditional Wood Flooring | Hardwood Floor Installation Cost

The beauty of traditional wood flooring is a common conversation piece of the home’s interior.  There are many variabilities when considering traditional hardwood floor.  Considerations include species, hardness, and styles.  Typically, the harder the wood, the higher the price.  On the low end ($3-$6/sq. ft.), soft woods include pine and bamboo.  On the high end ($8-$14/sq. ft.), exotic woods include tigerwood and cypress.

It is important to have an idea of your price range.  From there, Floorscapes can help narrow down the options.  Additionally, Floorscapes offers custom stains and paints!

Engineered Wood Flooring | Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

Engineered hardwood flooring is a cousin of traditional wood flooring.  Composed of 75% recycled materials, engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally-friendly, beautiful, and durable. Engineered wood provides greater moisture and heat resistance than solid hardwoods. 

Price ranges are based on low, mid, and high-end layer options.  Low-end options ($3-$5/sq. ft.) often contain 3-layers whereas high-end options ($8-$13/sq. ft.) are composed of 7 or more core layers.  A vast selection of woods and colors are available. 

Hardwood Flooring | Installation Costs

In summary, hardwood flooring has varying options for varying budgets.  Installation costs are based upon a variety of factors, including the depth of the project.  Floorscapes never cuts corners.  Therefore, flooring materials are properly acclimated.  Next, the subfloor is thoroughly examined and repairs or replacements are made when necessary.  To get started on your home wood flooring project, contact Floorscapes today for a quote!

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Fishbowl is grateful to work with Floorscapes.  Floorscapes is detail-oriented from start to finish!  For your next flooring project, whether it be tile or wood floor installation, Fishbowl highly recommends the Floorscapes team.

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