Garage Storage Shelves

Garage Storage Shelves | Ohio Garage Interiors

Are you looking to give your garage an upgrade? Ohio Garage Interiors is an expert garage design company offering garage flooring epoxy as well as garage storage shelves and organization systems. They offer a wide variety of options for their garage storage shelves including wall-mounted cabinetry and rack systems. They design all their products to have the utmost durability and longevity. Furthermore, these products provide stunning aesthetic while maximizing space and minimizing clutter. Ohio Garage Interiors can transform your garage into an extension of your home with impeccable garage storage shelves and garage floor epoxy coatings.

OGI Garage Organization Systems

Ohio Garage Interiors offers a wide variety of options to reorganize and maximize the space in your garage:

Safe Rack Overhead | Garage Storage Shelves

The overhead shelving system is one of the best options to eliminate clutter in your garage. Ohio Garage Interiors many different options to fit virtually any garage space. Belongings such as seasonal decorations and lawn furniture can finally be stored out of sight until they are needed.

OGI’s overhead garage storage shelves come in sizes that extend to 4×8 feet. They fit perfectly above overhead garage doors, maintaining subtle convenience. These overhead shelves are also a great solution for everyday items to which you need easy access. There are many configurations to choose from, so you can decide upon the best option for your particular garage.

Storewall System

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers a storewall system that can carry a diverse array of different belongings. This system works well above workbenches and within garage cabinetry. It can create convenient access to nearly any of your belongings: tools, gardening supplies, bikes, sporting equipment, and ladders are just a few examples of what you can store on this system. Furthermore, these storewall systems are also versatile and easy to expand, so you can adjust them to your liking at any time.

Silver Track Wall System

Garage Storage Shelves

In addition to their other garage storage shelves, Ohio Garage Interiors also offers a Silver Track Wall system. The Silver Track Wall system is an all-steel storage option with unparalleled versatility and functionality. Only the steel tracks attach to the walls, and they are capable of holding a variety of different hooks to mount various belongings. The hooks also do not require any additional drilling, so you are free to diversify your storage space without creating unnecessary holes in your walls.

Garage Storage Shelves | Ohio Garage Interiors | Fishbowl Design

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If you are looking to remodel or upgrade your garage, consider Ohio Garage Interiors’ garage storage shelves, rack systems, and other products. Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.