2 Issues that Lead to Garage Floor Replacement

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Garage floor replacement services are a time-consuming, costly procedure any homeowner would want to avoid. However, when your concrete garage floor has serious damages, there are not many other options.

If you notice any significant wear and tear in your garage flooring, contact Ohio Garage Interiors. You can schedule an in-home inspection and receive a free estimate for garage floor replacement and repair services.

Ohio Garage Interiors and Fishbowl Design work together to bring effective garage flooring services to Ohio home and business owners. With our advanced digital marketing strategies, we equip OGI with the tools they need to reach a larger audience of potential customers. As a result, Ohio residents can find the garage flooring services they need with pricing they can afford.

If you would rather avoid having to replace your garage flooring, keep an eye out for these 2 serious issues that lead to garage floor replacements:

1. Cracking

Concrete is a naturally rigid material, so cracking is bound to occur at some point. It will also expand and shrink with humidity in the garage and thaw cycles throughout the winter. When combined, rigidity, humidity, and thaw cycles make cracking an inevitability in bare concrete flooring.

Minor cracking in concrete flooring is simply a surface-level issue. So, repairs are a quick, inexpensive process. OGI has an expert team of garage repair contractors who can repair these cracks and effectively protect your flooring from damage in the future.

Contraction, control, and expansion joints are also a cause of floor cracking. The central function of these joints is to send cracks down a predetermined path, so they cannot spread to the entire slab. However, these joints do increase the frequency of cracking on individual sections.

Once cracks increase to 1/4-inch in length or larger, they become a cause for concern. If left unattended, these cracks will become significantly worse and eventually require a full garage floor replacement. However, if you catch them early enough, OGI can chase the cracks, apply crack filler, and install epoxy. As a result, you can keep your current garage flooring and protect it from further wear and tear.

2. Settling

There are two levels of settling: Minor and Major. Minor settling is a quick fix requiring only the application of self-leveling concrete. Major settling, however, is a serious issue that often results in a garage floor replacement.

If you notice any settling in your flooring, contact a contractor immediately. OGI offers many repair services, so they may be able to help you avoid a replacement. Schedule an in-home inspection, and OGI can provide you with free quotes for both repair and replacement services. If the repair reaches roughly 75% of the replacement costs, it is best to perform the garage floor replacement.

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