Garage Floor Coating Process | Ohio Garage Interiors

Garage Floor Coating Process | Ohio Garage Interiors

Are you looking for effective and affordable garage flooring installation services in Northeast Ohio? Contact Ohio Garage Interiors. OGI offers an exceptionally thorough and precision garage floor coating process, so each customer receives the highest possible quality for their new flooring.

The first step of this garage floor coating process, however, depends on the homeowner. Customers of OGI need to clear any clutter from the garage, so OGI contractors can effectively work in your space.

Once you finish clearing the garage, the walls can be painted. This is also a service OGI offers upon customer requests, but customers can paint their own garage if they wish. When the painting is complete, OGI can begin prepping the garage flooring concrete and begin the garage floor coating process.

Prepping the Concrete

Preparing the garage floor’s concrete is the most important step of the garage floor coating process. OGI’s team of professional flooring contractors will inspect the current state of the flooring, recording aspects like density and visible damages. As a result, they can find the most effective methods for repairing the existing concrete and install new garage flooring epoxy.

OGI’s process involves prepping the concrete through mechanical diamond grinding, which scarifies and etches the concrete with diamond segments. Thus, the pores of the concrete open and allow the epoxy to soak and cure the substrate properly.

This prep process also includes repairing any issues such as cracking, spalling or pitting. For hairline cracks, OGI will open the cracks with a diamond grinder and fill them with a concrete filling agent. They will then grind down any extra filler and smooth our the concrete prior to applying the epoxy.

Once the concrete it completely smooth, OGI will vacuum the concrete flooring to remove any remaining dust or debris.

Basecoat and Decorative Flake Application

OGI’s basecoat consists of a high-grade epoxy primer. They will flood coat the garage flooring with this epoxy and squeegee it throughout the room. The next step is back rolling the materials to even them out before applying decorative flakes. OGI can also apply this basecoat to any vertical surfaces in the garage.

The basecoat and decorative flakes will need to cure overnight, so the resulting bond offers more strength and protection. Once the basecoat finishes curing, OGI will remove any extra flakes and clean the floor before moving on to the next step of the garage floor coating process.

Topcoat Application

The topcoat application is the finishing touch of the garage floor coating process. OGI’s topcoat epoxy is one of the most advanced epoxy products in the residential garage flooring industry. This topcoat consists of polyaspartic polyurea. As a result, it provides far superior durability and adhesion than other products on the market.

Once OGI applies the topcoat of epoxy, it needs 24 hours to properly cure before residents can access the garage. At around 36 to 48 hours, vehicles can begin entering the garage.

Why Choose the OGI Garage Floor Coating Process?

What sets OGI from other garage flooring installation companies? OGI epoxy offers an effective and affordable solution to garage flooring protection, providing a variety of unique advantages:

  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean: OGI epoxy garage floor coating creates an impermeable surface, so it can prevent dust, dirt, and stains from settling into the flooring. As a result, cleaning is always quick and easy. A quick mopping or vacuuming can handle virtually any mess or spill.
  • Durability and Longevity: OGI flooring offers superior protection against many potential hazards. Abrasions, mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, and corrosive chemicals are no match for OGI flooring, so your flooring looks better and lasts longer.
  • Customization: OGI gives customers a chance to get creative with their new garage flooring. You can personalize your new flooring by choosing from a variety of solid color and metallic finishes or customize your own decorative flake system.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: Customers of OGI can schedule an in-home inspection or send in photos of their flooring to receive a free quote.
  • Precision Installation: Other garage flooring companies try to convince their customers that a one-day installation is worth the higher price. However, one-day installations are unnecessary and typically result in unsightly defects. With OGI, you receive a thorough, two-day installation for your flooring, so you can avoid defects and costly repairs.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Garage Floor Repair Services

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers garage flooring repair services for Northeast Ohio homes. If your concrete starts to show cracking or any other defects, contact OGI. They have unmatched experience with repairing garage flooring, so they can restore your floor and defend it from any future damage.

Furthermore, OGI offers competitive pricing for both garage flooring repair and epoxy installation. As a result, you can restore your flooring and install new, high-strength epoxy without exceeding your budget.

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