Freight Dock Accessibility | Best Portable Unloading Docks

Freight dock loading ramp connected to a truck

Freight Dock Solutions

When accessing your freight, during the loading or unloading process, loading dock availability is crucial. This solution will allow you to maximize your productivity by allowing you to use all of your space and not be dependent on a warehouse loading dock when others are occupied. Freight dock solutions give you the ability to create a loading and unloading dock wherever the freight truck is.

A portable dock gives a clear pathway from the ground to a truck, or other freight carrying vehicle. There are different types of portable docks to fit your task at hand. With portable dock ramps, you can transport a forklift or other industrial freight handling equipment up and down the ramp during loading and unloading.

 dock loading ramp connected to a truck

3 Different Dock Options

To access your freight, you have different options available to best fit your needs. Here are a few options to improve your loading dock situation:

Mobile Yard Ramp

Mobile yard ramps are on the smaller side, but are fully capable of handling a forklift operation. These ramps use a hydraulic system to quickly rise up. These ramps are easy to move, and have the option for a tow bar and the wheels attached to the ramp, which saves you time and improves efficiency.

Ground-To-Truck Dock Ramp

Ground-to-truck dock ramps give you access to truck beds, buildings, and to freight carrying train cars. High quality steel construction gives these dock ramps the capacity to hold as much as 30,000 lbs. Aluminum constructed dock ramps have similar benefits to steel ramps, but have a lower capacity.

Heavy Duty Freight Dock

When you are moving heavy duty freight, a heavy duty dock is an easy, transportable solution. From a durable steel construction, heavy duty portable docks can hold as much as 60,000 lbs. These portable docks have the ability to connect to get the loading dock size and shape you desire. In fact, you can even make 90 degree turns during the loading and unloading process, should you need to adjust.

Additional Portable Dock Information

Each portable dock ramp has its own unique features , such as different sizes, additional safety options, and different capacities. If you have a particularly difficult task, you can customize portable dock ramps even further.

Portable dock ramps are available to purchase or rent, so whatever your job is, there is an easy way to have access to a portable dock ramp. Regardless of the varying positions and heights that you are loading and unloading from, portable dock ramps have the flexibility to work for all of the different heights and positions.

How To Set Up a Portable Dock Ramp

When setting up your portable dock ramp, you will have to check a few things, for safety purposes, starting with the ground below the ramp. The ground below where the ramp will be should be sturdy and level. Ideally, the surface will be either paved or on concrete. You will secure the wheel chocks to prevent ramp movement during loading.

Next , you will secure the lip of the ramp onto the dock or truck and secure it with safety chains. Keep an eye out for any deterioration to the ramp and check the hydraulic fluid level. Whenever you transport your ramp, do not tow over long distances and stay at a slow speed. Now you are ready to start loading and unloading with your new loading platform.