Looking for Emergency Dental Without Insurance?

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AxessPointe Community Health Centers and Fishbowl

Have you been looking for emergency dental care no insurance? Financial burdens should not have to determine health. For this reason, patients all over Northeast Ohio count on AxessPointe Community Health Centers for affordable and high-quality care. We take great pride in partnering with this team and doing all we can for the network’s growth.

You can learn more about emergency dental without insurance and other services from AxessPointe Community Health Centers by visiting the network’s website. Find more information about the AxessPointe Community Centers team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog.

Toothache Pain Relief

To say that a toothache is inconvenient is an understatement. No one has time for the discomfort and as the coronavirus spreads, it will be crucial to avoid visiting your dentist’s office, except for emergency dental without insurance. Unless pain is severe or you experience chipping, cracking or an infection of your tooth, you can often ease toothache pain at home. However, you may want to call your dentist for specific guidance.

Rinsing with warm salt water can both aid in reducing swelling and offer short term pain relief. A half teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of warm water make an effective solution. You can also floss gently around a sore tooth to remove any surrounding pieces of food that may be adding to any pain.

Over-the-counter painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can also provide temporary pain relief. However, you should not put aspirin directly onto an affected area as it can cause serious irritation. Using over-the-counter anesthetics like benzocaine-based gels can numb affected gum areas for short term pain relief.

Applying ice packs can also be helpful. Be sure to cover any cold compresses with a towel to prevent skin irritation. You should also alternate between having a pack on for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes.

About AxessPointe Community Health Centers

The providers from AxessPointe Community Health Centers have served both the uninsured and underinsured populations of Northeast Ohio since 1995. Patients rely on AxessPointe Community Health Centers for quality behavioral health services, emergency dental without insurance, emergency dental care no insurance women’s health treatments and so much more.

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