Do Rust Inhibitor Bags Really Work? | Top Rust Prevention Methods

Preventing Rust On Your Personal Items | Rust Inhibitor Bags

Whether you are passionate about your firearm collection, or have a shed full of tools that need protected, keeping rust away from personal items is a serious job. Rust forms quickly and diminishes the quality of your metal items by causing corrosion and other issues. If you’ve invested in expensive gear, you don’t want to ruin it by letting it rust.

You’ve probably heard of rust inhibitor bags before because they are a popular method for rust prevention. But do these bags really work? And what’s really the best way to ward off rust? Let’s look at some of the best practices for rust prevention.


Safe And Dry Storage

safe storage rust prevention

Wherever you store your items, that’s where they’re going to spend the majority of their time. So, make sure the space is dry, not too hot or cold, and is safe. All that rust needs to form is for iron to interact with moisture, which can come in the form of rain, snow, humidity, and other outside elements. While not everyone has an insulated shed they can store items in, look for a dry space in your basement or garage that won’t gather excess moisture. For added protection, rust inhibitor bags work well if you have semi-regulated storage space.

In addition, try and find a spot where it won’t get too hot or too cold. Extreme cold weather causes metal to grow brittle over time. You don’t want your firearms to stop working due to the cold weather, when you may want to enjoy hunting outdoors. Keep the storage space semi-regulated, and look for rust inhibitor bags or other insulated bags for an extra layer of protection.



Regularly cleaning and lubricating your items is a good way to ward off rust. Cleaning your firearms or other metal goods will ensure that dust and dirt don’t build up in the crevices and cause decay. This is great for your items and it makes it more difficult for rust and other buildups to occur if you are staying vigilant about cleaning. Clean your items at least once a year, and twice a year if you use them most days.

Lubrication is another great way to prevent rust. Lubricating items will allow them to run better, especially if it’s an item with different parts and “joints,” like the gears on a bicycle. Focus on the parts of the item that move frequently and need a bit of extra help staying lubricated. This combination of cleaning and lubrication will keep your items functioning well and will keep the rust at bay.


Rust Inhibitor Bags


As mentioned, rust inhibitor bags are a great way to protect your items against rusting. Some companies are better at manufacturing these bags than others. So what should you look out for when investing in rust inhibitor bags?

Make sure you ask how long the bags will last. With an item like this, you should not have to make a yearly purchase. Look for rust inhibitor bags that last three years or more. There is innovative rust prevention technology that allows for this to be possible. Certain rust inhibitor bags release protective molecules into the bag that keep your items safe. This is a great method for rust protection.

In addition, choose rust inhibitor bags that are eco-friendly. There is no reason to expose your personal items to damaging chemicals or toxic elements that claim they “prevent rust.” In the modern world, there is rust prevention technology that is both effective and does not use toxic chemicals to ward off rust. Look for these types of rust inhibitor bags when you’re shopping around.