Copperloy Portable Ramps

A photo of one of Copperloy's portable ramps.

Make Loading Easier | Copperloy Portable Ramps

Portable Ramps need to be functional, safe, and efficient. If they fail to meet these expectations, they could negatively impact the loading process. Usually, people are loading and unloading from trucks by forklift all day long. Loading ramps need to be capable of handling this workload and more. Copperloy’s portable ramps are some of the most durable and efficient in the industry. Their ramps can easily handle the tremendous workload of the average warehouse workday. Relative to competing mobile ramp products, Copperloy’s ramps are markedly safer and more efficient, having improved the productivity of countless warehouse operations and other facilities.

Furthermore, Copperloy’s mobile ramps are resistant to wear and tear. They strive to manufacture ramps with unparalleled reliability, longevity, and functionality, and they are always improving. Copperloy’s one-cylinder design applies significantly less pressure than two-cylinder ramps, allowing for faster raising speeds and improved stability. They lead the industry in quality and ease of operation.

Features of Copperloy Portable Ramps

Copperloy ramps have many useful features to improve functionality:

  • 8-Foot Level Off: Forklift ramp access has never been easier than with Copperloy ramps. Traveling on and off ramps by forklift has a history of being difficult; however, with the addition of Copperloy’s 8-foot level off, loading and unloading by forklift is much safer and smoother.
  • Hydraulic Pump Location: On many portable ramps, accessing the hydraulic hand pump is a hassle. Copperloy has solved this issue by placing the hand pump on the outside. Now, not only is it easier to access, but it is also protected from excess dirt and damage, mitigating maintenance time. Furthermore, this single-acting hand pump needs half of the usual effort to operate.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Copperloy has worked tirelessly to address the issue of forklift access to ramps, and their efforts have yielded incredible results. In addition to the level off, Copperloy yard ramps also have a low-end plate and a safety curb. Firstly, the end plate is markedly shorter than the forklift’s wheelbase. This allows the front wheels of the forklift to reach the grating while the back wheels remain on the ground. Second, the 7-inch safety curb prevents runoff, and when combined, these two features make forklift operation much more comfortable.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: With Copperloy, you no longer have to waste company resources by constantly refilling and replacing tires. Copperloy ramps employ solid/pneumatic tires with lubricated bearings to eliminate the need for constant maintenance.

Efficient Portable Ramps

Copperloy works to maximize space, efficiency, and safety when designing their portable ramps. This dedication to quality has led them to create some of the best ramps in America with a one-cylinder design that applies much less pressure than two-cylinder ramps. Copperloy ramps provide the following advantages:

  • Easier operation – Functionality is improved significantly by a more easily accessed hand pump.
  • Faster raise times – Copperloy ramps raise two and half times faster than competitor ramps.
  • Less wear and tear – All rotation occurs on the positioning sleeve rather than on the ramp’s connection, mitigating wear and tear over time.
  • Greater stability – The centrally-located cylinder substantially lowers the chances of tipping.

Copperloy’s portable yard ramp turn empty spaces into freight-handling centers. Their loading dock equipment is extremely versatile. Copperloy products expand dock capacity and can fashion loading facilities without a loading dock or starting new construction. These ramps give ground-level access to trucks, buildings, or railcars, and it is simple to move from job to job, handling cargo with a forklift nearly anywhere.

Furthermore, Copperloy offers a variety of new and used portable loading ramps, which come with capacities of up to 30,000 pounds. Although their standard ramps are steel, they also offer aluminum ramps with steel grating.

Any facilities that are looking to improve productivity in their operations should consider Copperloy portable ramps and other loading dock equipment. The incomparable quality of their products will leave you more than satisfied.