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A facility cannot be a hub for efficiency if it is unsafe. Have you and your team been comparing central vacuum systems Canada? Becker Pumps of Canada provides top quality pneumatic equipment to companies across an extensive range of industries. The Fishbowl team is proud to partner with Becker Pumps of Canada and other innovative manufacturers. 

With this in mind, you can learn more about central vacuum systems Canada and more pneumatic solutions from Becker Pumps of Canada by visiting the company website. In addition, you can find more information about the Becker Pumps of Canada team and its work by visiting the Fishbowl blog. 

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems Canada 

You may have considered adding a central vacuum system in the past, but hesitated to make the commitment. However, you could benefit from streamlined operations and specifically, cuts to maintenance time. When you implement a central vacuum system, you do not need to maintain several pumps throughout a facility.

These systems also come with reserve pumps. Significantly, the reserve pumps solve the problems that go along with pump failures in setups that include many vacuum pumps. When one pump malfunctions in a facility with several vacuum pumps, operations slow and eventually stop. However, a reserve pump from a central vacuum system starts automatically when a primary vacuum pump fails. 

Advantage-D Oil-less Medical/Industrial Central Vacuum Systems From Becker Pumps of Canada

Have you been looking for a central vacuum system that will not run the risk of oil contamination? If so, then one of the Becker Pumps of Canada’s Advantage-D systems may be the solution for you and your team. These systems are notably easy to maintain and offer booth cool and quiet running. 

These dry central vacuum systems are ideal for applications that require vacuum levels from the atmosphere to 27” Hg. Advantage-D systems make ideal installations for healthcare facilities as well as a wide variety of industrial settings.

About Becker Pumps of Canada 

Client businesses from a wide variety of fields count on Becker Pumps of Canada for top quality pneumatic equipment. For example, the company provides air movement solutions for maple syrup production, automotive manufacturing, aerospace and medical teams. The Becker Pumps of Canada team prioritizes both product quality and constant innovation in design, above all.

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