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Busch Vacuum Pump and Why Becker is Superior

Searching for a Busch Vacuum Pump? Do you know that Becker’s Vacuum Pump delivers a superior performing product? Customers choose Becker vacuum pumps over a Busch vacuum pump for a variety of reasons, but here are the top eight reasons why:

  1. Faster production– Becker Pumps manufacture the fastest evacuation time in the industry. 7% Faster pump downtime than Busch vacuum pumps.
  2. Quieter – Becker Pumps manufacture the quietest pumps in the industry.
  3. Cooler Running. Becker Pumps manufacture the coolest running pumps, cooler than Busch vacuum pumps.
  4. Reliability – Becker Pumps manufacture vacuum pumps that have proven reliability and require less maintenance than Busch vacuum pumps.
  5. Design –  Becker Pumps manufacture a smaller overall footprint than Busch vacuum pumps.
  6. Efficiency – Becker Pumps manufacture a more efficient CFM/Horsepower ratio than Busch vacuum pumps.
  7. Support –  Becker Pumps employ’s responsive, knowledgeable customer service and technical support.
  8. Delivery – Becker Pumps has a complete inventory of all pump series and offers routine replacement parts through its online store.  Additionally, they offer same-day shipment to anywhere in North America. No other pump manufacturer including Busch can make that claim.

Becker pump is a family-owned operation. They have been designing and manufacturing vacuum pumps since 1885, that’s 135 years of experience and knowledge. In fact, that’s 80 more years of highly-satisfied customers over Busch Pumps. 

No Question About It

Becker’s focus since day one has been to design and manufacture the best vacuum pumps in the world. And they have proved this with their continuous innovation and development and to this day when compared to a Busch vacuum pump Becker remains the top choice. 

Additionally, Becker is known for its exceptional Customer Service team! This is another reason that Becker Pumps surpasses Busch and all other vacuum pump industries around the world. Each member of Becker’s Customer Service team is factory trained and must have at least 10 year’s experience working with Becker Pumps. To Becker, this means 10 years of knowledge each team member can apply to customers when they have questions. So what makes Becker’s Customer Service team stand above all the rest? Well for starters when you call you are immediately connected to a dedicated specialist who has the ability to answer questions, solve issues, track shipments, and input your orders. In fact, when calling Becker’s Customer Service team you can expect: 

  • Phone calls to always answered by a “live” person.
  • Local and highly-knowledgeable representatives.
  • On-line parts shop with overnight delivery of Becker Genuine replacement parts.  
  • Live chat on our website operated by a highly responsive customer service department.
  • Experienced technical support.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Factory-trained in-house repair service.
  • Large inventory of pumps and parts with same-day shipping available.
  • Mobile Service – on-site maintenance program.
  • Competitive pricing.

With a knowledgable and dedicated team always delivering the most customer-friendly vacuum supplier in the industry. 

What makes Becker the #1 choice For So Many Different Types Of Industries 

Why OEMs Choose Becker Over a Busch Vacuum Pump

  • Optimized production. Becker vacuum pumps deliver the fastest pump downtime in the industry.
  • Proven performance and reliability that doesn’t have a negative impact on an OEM’s brand or its reputation.
  • Becker introduced the first vacuum pump offering IE3 compliance. Higher standards – all Becker pumps meet the new global premium efficiency motor compliance.
  • Becker pumps lower heat emission which in turn creates cooler work areas.
  • The quietest operating pump in the industry.
  • The highest efficiency CFM per HP.

Why Primary and Secondary Packaging Industries Choose Becker Over a Busch Vacuum Pump

  • Becker pumps SPEED-UP your packaging line production by 7% over Busch vacuum pumps.
  • The new Booster optimizes your primary packaging line.
  • Quieter, cooler Becker pumps are improving the work environment for employees.  

Why CNC Hold Down Industries Choose Becker Over a Busch Vacuum Pump

  • Becker pumps are proven to be the most widely used vacuum hold-down pumps in the world.
  • With four options available and that support spoil board tables, pod tables, 2’x 2’ tables, and 10’ x 40’ tables.
  • Integrated clear filter and relief valve.

Why Hospitals, surgery Centers, and Other Industries Choose Becker Over a Busch Vacuum Pump

  • Becker has been integrating the most reliable, efficient vacuum systems in the world for over 3-decades. 
  • Becker offers vertical and horizontal systems that are expandable.
  • NFPA compliant.

There will always be a multitude of worthy competitors that your industry could choose from. However, the reality is that no other vacuum pump company can compete with the personal attention and loyalty that Becker Pumps Corp. gives to each individual customer. All the while delivering a superior product. If you’re looking to invest in a Busch Vacuum Pump, consult with Becker Pumps so they can show you hands down why they’re the better choice.