Bus Driver Training Program | TAPTCO

Bus Driver Training Program | TAPTCO

Becoming a certified bus driver requires intense training of safety skills to ensure passengers remain safe. TAPTCO is offerings a bus driver training program for anyone looking to earn a commercial driver’s license. Northeast Ohio applicants now have access to content that will hone their driving skills, decreasing their chance for accidents. TAPTCO’s bus driver training program is a video-based program designed to make bus drivers safer. The bus driver training program also now includes ten more subjects in addition to the original courses.

Passing CDL training has been difficult for many past applicants; many truly exceptional applicants have failed to receive their license. Low-quality training led these applicants to fail the CDL written test; however, with the TAPTCO bus driver training program, applicants work with content that is easily understood. Many applicants will succeed on their first attempt after receiving TAPTCO training. TAPTCO’s training program makes the certification process of a simpler process for all applicants.

The Comprehensive TAPTCO Bus Driver Training Program

TAPTCO has over twenty years of experience in the development of driver training programs. They create training content for nearly any commercial vehicle and even safety education content for children. The training programs also come with trainers’ guides, drivers’ guides, and test booklets. This ensures applicants and safety leaders have everything they need. Despite many qualified applicants’ past failure, the TAPTCO program can transform applicants into safe, reliable, certified drivers.

TAPTCO’s mission is to create the most comprehensive and understandable training program possible. They are always working to improve their program. They have added content for the prevention of bullying, training for safety leadership, and training for the transportation of children with special needs. Furthermore, there is safety content for children ages pre-K through sixth grade. This content helps children learn to improve safety standards for themselves and those around them.


TAPTCO’s courses have helped countless applicants become certified bus drivers. TAPTCO has assisted 3,000 school districts, six of the ten largest contractors, 450 transit agencies, and all locations of Keolis, MV Transportation, and Transdev in the training of their staffs.

TAPTCO is led by President Jeff Cassell who was previously the Corporate Risk Manager for the Laidlaw Group. In this position, he managed the safety practices for all active members of the Laidlaw Groups for 21 years. The Laidlaw Group members operated 38,000 school buses, 6,000 transit buses, and 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches collectively.

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If you are looking to become a certified bus driver, consider the TAPTCO bus driver training program. Applicants who use this program will become much safer drivers, nearly guaranteeing certification on the first attempt. Learn more about TAPTCO on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.