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Keep rust off your bike with a Zerust bike storage bag.

Bicycles are comprised of many metal parts that are vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. So, your bike will lose years of its initial lifespan without effective rust protection. With Zerust Consumer Products bike storage bag, however, you can ensure your bike will be in ideal condition for many years.

All bike owners can benefit from Zerust’s waterproof bike storage bag. Whether you are a casual bike rider or a competitor in the Tour de France, Zerust’s bicycle cover will prevent rust from forming on your bike, so your bike is always in pristine condition. In fact, Zerust’s bike storage bag eliminates all the reactions involved with chemical oxidation. As a result, it effectively defends your bike’s gears, shifters, breaks, and other metal components.

In addition to effective rust prevention, Zerust’s bike cover offers a variety of protective properties. Zerust’s bicycle storage bag is both water-resistant and mold-proof, so it can eliminate factors that cause chemical oxidation. Preventing bike rust with a Zerust bike storage bag is also incredibly simple. Just clean and dry your bike and zip it up in the bag. Once sealed, Zerust’s patented technology will begin protecting your bike from rust.

Stop rust before it can damage your bike

Metal’s natural vulnerability to rust and corrosion is common knowledge, and bicycles are almost completely made of metal parts. However, not everyone knows that the rate of rusting and corrosion changes depending on the environment.

Rust will indiscriminately attack any metal alloy and eat away at it. Most bicycle components use metal materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon fibers. The environment surrounding your bike and elements like sunlight, humidity, and moisture will result in rusting without proper protection. Therefore, just leaving your bicycle completely exposed to the environment will speed up the process of rust and corrosion.

Keeping rust off your bike will also prevent the bolts and bearings from seizing and protect gears, chains, and bike frames. All you need to do is cover your bike in Zerust’s bicycle cover and seal the bag. As a result, your bike will have the ultimate defense against rust and corrosion for up to five years after the date of purchase.

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How does the Zerust bike storage bag work?

Applying the Zerust bike storage bag is incredibly quick and easy. Simply clean and dry your bicycle then zip it up inside the storage bag. Zerust’s state-of-the-art anti-rust technology will then begin to cover your bike in an invisible, rust-resistant vapor. This vapor will form an anti-rust shield that eliminates the reactions that cause chemical oxidation and rust.

Once the vapor covers the surface of your bike, rust and corrosion will no longer be able to damage the components. Furthermore, Zerust will not affect the functionality of your bike. In fact, all mechanical and electrical parts are left unaffected by Zerust’s vapor. Zerust is designed to be a subtle and non-intrusive rust prevention solution.

The bike storage bag is just one of the many Zerust products that offer effective rust protection. Zerust’s patented anti-rust technology works with high-quality PVC rubber materials to protect your tools, jewelry, tackle, firearms, and other metal belongings from rust and corrosion.

Advantages of Zerust Products | Bike storage bag

Zerust is the most effective rust prevention solution on the market. It can defend a wide range of metal belongings from rust and corrosion with ease. Tools, firearms, auto parts, tackle boxes, air conditioners, and bikes are just a few examples of what you can protect with Zerust products. Zerust’s rust prevention technology eliminates chemical oxidation, the reaction that leads to rust and corrosion. So, it stops rust before it can harm your belongings. Zerust is also entirely safe and non-intrusive.

Prioritizing safety

Zerust Consumer Products considers safety to be the most important aspect of their products. Their anti-rust technology is not only effective against rust, but it is also completely odorless, invisible, and non-toxic.

Zerust will not leave any residue on your belongings or in your storage space, so it is a convenient and non-intrusive rust prevention solution. Furthermore, the FDA has authorized Zerust for use with kitchen utensils. Thus, it is the safest and most versatile rust prevention option on the market.

Saving you money

In addition to exceptional safety and rust prevention, Zerust is an excellent money saver. Not only do these products offer competitive pricing, but they also have uniquely long lifespans. In fact, Zerust products offer an average lifespan of five years with the ability to be repurposed multiple times.

Most notably, Zerust products will save you money on replacing belongings damaged by rust. Zerust offers the benefits of fair pricing, quick and easy application, and effective protection. So, homeowners and industry professionals alike can protect their belongings and save money.

About Zerust Consumer Products

Zerust has been developing and manufacturing high-quality rust and corrosion prevention products to customers around the world since day one. From their inception, they have prioritized safety and environmental friendliness for all their anti-rust products.

Zerust’s history began in 2001 in association with Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC), a technology firm focusing on greener manufacturing, facilities, and energy production.

Zerust is NTIC’s main product line, having prevented rust and corrosion for more than 35 years. Now, they distribute Zerust products to more than 60 countries and 2,000 major companies around the world.

Zerust’s headquarters is stationed in Twinsburg, Ohio, offering the most diverse catalog of rust prevention products on the market. In fact, Zerust sells its products through Amazon, Cabela’s, Flambeau Outdoors, Rockler, Lowe’s, and many other hardware and sporting goods stores in the United States.

Zerust works tirelessly to develop rust and corrosion prevention solutions with materials and formulas that work effectively while also maintaining non-toxic and eco-friendly qualities. With their patented anti-rust technology, you can protect your belongings from rust while protecting the earth as well.

Furthermore, Zerust prides itself on offering products with competitive pricing. They believe that preserving precious metals and protecting your belongings should not break the bank. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective, proven rust prevention product, Zerust is perfect for you.

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