Becker Regenerative Blowers

Genuine Becker Parts | Regenerative Blowers

If you need a machine that will move large volumes of air in an efficient manner, Becker’s regenerative blowers are by far the best solution. Becker is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing regenerative blowers, vacuum pumps and much more. With their variety of different series and models, Becker can give you exactly what you need. Their blowers work more smoothly and quietly than many competing blowers and pumps; furthermore, they work much more efficiently than positive displacement compressors. These blowers will regenerate air molecules through non-positive displacement methods, creating the necessary vacuum or pressure. Becker’s blowers are also oil-less, making them incredibly safe for the environment.

Becker has been developing these technologies since 1885. Today, Becker holds the title as the number one choice for regenerative blowers, vacuum pumps, pressure pumps and many other technologies in the industry.  Also, one of their greatest accomplishments is the Becker rotary vane vacuum pump. This vacuum pump leads the industry with unrivaled technology that offers a consistent, quality performance cycle after cycle.

Becker’s main focus is the continuous improvement of their technology. They work so their vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers move air at an increasingly efficient rate.  Becker offers total solutions for all vacuum and low-pressure applications including turnkey solutions. With their centralized air systems, Becker will bring your workplace to a more quiet, environmentally friendly state.

The SV Series | Single and 2-Stage Regenerative Blowers

Recently, Becker has replaced their previous line of regenerative blowers with new models that are more efficient and compact.  These SV Series vacuum and pressure blowers are also much more cost effective. Since the beginning, Becker pumps have always been the best in their class. Whether they are single or two stage pumps, Becker makes some of the best in the industry; now, they’re even better.

The SV series regenerative blowers have some significant improvements over previous models:

  • New Compact Design
  • Lower horsepower with greater capacities
  • Higher flows: Single stage flows to 735 CFM
  • Higher pressures: Two stage pressures to 213” WG
  • Lighter weight

The smaller models also come with integrated inlet filters and relief valves. This gives you a clean impeller, a cooler temperature and a longer lifespan. Furthermore, the clear filter/valve cover allows for quick and easy inspection for visual maintenance.

If you are looking for a significant upgrade to your central air system, do not hesitate to contact Becker for the solution you need.