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Are you looking to replace or upgrade your basement flooring? Ohio Garage Interiors offers the best basement floor epoxy in the industry. Their experience in garage design also extends to basement flooring. OGI’s basement floor epoxy is an affordable option with high durability and longevity. They are also easy to clean and maintain relative to other basement floor epoxy options.

Ohio Garage Interiors designs its basement floor epoxy to function perfectly in the conditions of the average Ohio basement. Basements are typically prone to humidity, and without reliable basement floor epoxy, your basement flooring is vulnerable to moisture damage. Ohio Garage Interiors’ coatings are completely non-porous, providing a strong defense moisture buildup. Furthermore, unlike other coatings on the market, OGI’s basement floor epoxy does not require annual maintenance.

Why Choose Ohio Garage Interiors?

Ohio Garage Interiors is the best solution for both garage and basement floor epoxy. Their products are strong, stunning, and incredibly easy to maintain. The epoxy coating contains a hybrid polymer that is four times stronger than the standard epoxy. It also permanently bonds to the concrete’s surface, providing moisture and flood protection. Furthermore, this increases durability and longevity significantly.

Cleaning these epoxy coatings is a breeze. The surface of the floor is non-permeable; thus, debris, spills, and stains cannot penetrate the flooring. Simply running over the surface with a vacuum is enough to pick up all dirt, and mopping has never been easier! OGI also offers a ten-year warranty for any peeling or damage to ensure you get the most out of your basement flooring.

Basement Floor Epoxy Coatings | Ohio Garage Interiors

Basement Floor EpoxyOhio Garage Interiors specializes in the development of basement floor epoxy coatings. Their coatings are much stronger than competing options and offer much longer lifespans. The following list is just a few reasons why OGI basement floor epoxy is the best option for Ohio homes:

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Ohio Garage Interior’s finishing process leaves behind enough texture to prevent slipping while also being entirely non-porous. Their coatings are also protected against moisture buildup and are easy to maintain.
  • Withstanding Ohio’s Environment: Ohio’s climate can be quite humid, especially in the summer months. Basements are also extremely susceptible to humidity and moisture; thus, Ohio Garage Interiors has employed a polyaspartic polymer to protect their coatings from moisture buildup. Their floor coatings can maintain a pristine look for up to fifteen years.
  • A Trusted Local Company: The main advantage of working with OGI is working with a local company without the interference of subcontractors. Only OGI employees complete projects, so customers always know who will be working on their basement. Ohio Garage Interiors is locally owned and operated.
  • Honest Pricing: Ohio Garage Interiors does not attempt to trick their customers with bait-and-switch pricing. They will always send an expert designer to give you a quote at no charge.

Basement Floor Epoxy | Ohio Garage Interiors | Fishbowl Design

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If you are looking to give your basement an upgrade, consider OGI’s basement floor epoxy. Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website.