Basement Floor Epoxy | Ohio Garage Interiors

Basement Floor Epoxy | Ohio Garage Interiors

Winter is on its way, so your basement flooring could be at risk. If you are looking for basement floor epoxy installation services in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors. Ohio Garage Interiors is one of the leading garage and basement remodeling companies, so they perform precision installation services at reasonable pricing. Furthermore, their basement floor epoxy coatings offer superior durability, lasting for years post-installation.

As a leading flooring installation company, OGI has helped many homeowners restore and enhance their basement flooring. They offer unmatched industry experience and knowledge, so they can complete virtually any remodeling project. Ohio Garage Interiors is an invaluable home improvement resource.

Why Hire a Flooring Company?

With so DIY project options, you might be questioning whether hiring a flooring company is worth it. Yes, DIY is a viable option for installing new basement floor epoxy. However, most DIY projects implement less durable standard epoxy in an attempt to lower costs. Standard epoxy will peel and delaminate quickly and more frequently. As a result, you end up losing more money to maintenance in the long run. DIY also lacks the expertise you receive from professional flooring contractors.

Ohio Garage Interiors offers both precision installation and basement floor epoxy with superior durability. They will perform a 2-day installation rather than rushing your project in a single day. As a result, the materials have time to adjust to your basement’s environment. This ensures you get the most precision and protection for your new flooring.

In comparison to standard epoxy flooring, OGI basement flooring coatings offer many unique benefits:

  • High Quality
  • Strong & Flexible
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Porous

You also get the opportunity to get creative with your remodeling project. OGI offers a variety of solid color finishes as well as many options for decorative flake flooring systems.

OGI Basement Floor Epoxy Installation

Choosing OGI means you receive basement floor epoxy products with higher strength and longevity than standard epoxy. Basements in Ohio are typically damp and humid environments, so they are vulnerable to moisture buildup, mold, and mildew. As a result, OGI designs its basement flooring to defend against mold, mildew, flooding and other types of potential damage.

Advantages of OGI Flooring

  • Low Maintenance: With an impermeable and slip-resistant surface, messes can be cleaned up with ease. You can clean this flooring with a quick mopping or vacuuming.
  • Superior Strength: Ohio basements are particularly vulnerable to mold and mildew buildup as well as flooding. OGI epoxy’s superior strength will save you money on repairs by protecting against these hazards.
  • Customization: Get creative with your basement remodeling project by selecting from many solid colors or decorative flake systems!
  • Free Quotes: OGI will send a flooring installation specialist to perform an on-site inspection and give you a free quote.
  • No Subcontractors: Ohio Garage Interiors is a locally owned and operated company, so they never hire subcontractors to finish their projects. You will always receive high quality craftsmanship from genuine OGI flooring installation specialists.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Residential and Commercial Pricing | Basement Floor Epoxy

Residential customers of Ohio Garage Interiors can choose from a wide variety of flooring options. OGI basement floor epoxy costs $3 per square foot. This pricing also applies to garage flooring.

If you decide to install the OGI DecoFlake flooring system, you can customize your flooring with many shapes, sizes, and colors of decorative flakes. This flooring costs anywhere between $6.25 and $7 depending on the scale of your project.

For some customization options, there may be additional charges.

Fishbowl Design | Basement Floor Epoxy | Ohio Garage Interiors

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If you are looking to install basement floor epoxy, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today! Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors on the Fishbowl Design Blog or visit their website