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Cameron B. Pedro is the most experienced bankruptcy attorney in Cleveland, Canton, Brunswick, Medina, and Youngstown, helping individuals and businesses find the best solution to their simple or complex financial situation. Comprised of four attorneys who each share background, education, experience and training in specific areas of the law, Cameron B. Pedro provides innovative and dependable representation throughout Northeast Ohio.

Not only does Pedro Law deal with areas of bankruptcy, but they also deal with bank representation, civil litigation, and basic estate planning. With their experience and relaxing atmosphere catered to personal service needs, they are the bankruptcy firm that other bankruptcy lawyers send their clients to when cases get too difficult or they get denied. Pedro Law will be upfront, responsive and will save you fees in the long run. A free consultation is also provided where the team can provide an estimate on your bankruptcy costs. The Cleveland bankruptcy attorneys at Pedro Law understand that bankruptcy can be a stressful time and they want to get you the best options and answers as quickly as they can for your current situation. Their client referrals are their number one source of business and feel comfortable in trusting in Pedro Law to get the job done right and professionally. 

We’ve guided both individuals and businesses to the right solution to however unique their financial situation. Our affordable bankruptcy attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio have provided unparalleled legal service, no matter how simple or complicated the bankruptcy case may be. Our main source of business comes through client referrals, as our clients are comfortable knowing they don’t pay for a learning curve, unforeseen expenses, or hidden fees with our attorneys. Contact Thomas, Trattner, & Malone LLC today to begin resolving your financial and legal situations.

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