Air Conditioning Damage After The Storm

2018 Heating & Cooling damage repair

All of the best Wilmington HVAC companies are completely booked up right now.  With the amount of damage caused the be recent flooding it does not look like it will end any time soon either.

The hurricane that swept through the entire state of North Carolina has caused a lot of damage.  Both residential house owners and commercial business owners are left with no working heating and air system.  This makes it hard for a homeowner to live comfortably in their own home.  It also makes it hard for a business owner to provide a comfortable atmosphere for his customers and employees.

So, for this reason, every single air conditioning and heating contractor in the entire state of NC is overwhelmed with business.  Both commercial and residential AC repair companies are calling for help from companies from other states.  Many of these companies are indeed sending some of their contractors over to help.  This is definitely making a difference and speeding the recovery up.

Hopefully, within the next couple of months, the city and all of the surrounding areas will be back up and running like old.  We just all have to be patient, everyone is really working as hard as they can to get things back to normal.

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6 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Damage After The Storm

  1. The state of North Carolina sure did get hit really hard but they are fighting back and recovering well. The HVAC companies in the entire state of North Carolina are going to be really busy for some time to come.

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