3 Advantages of Choosing NMG Aerospace Solenoid Valves

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If you are looking for aerospace solenoid valves, you need the highest possible precision and quality from a proven manufacturer. NMG Aerospace is the parent company of Electromotive Inc., a leading supplier of aerospace solenoid valves. Electromotive has also been crafting aerospace solenoids since 1972. So, they can provide the best solenoid components on the market.

NMG Aerospace also offers a wide range of other aerospace solutions to meet the requirements of nearly any application. As a result, they can produce components for many international aviation and defense agencies.

Fishbowl Design works alongside NMG to give them the tools they need to keep in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. Our digital marketing strategies help NMG reach a larger audience of customers, while they continue to produce some of the finest aerospace solutions available. Each NMG customer receives aerospace solenoid valves designed by seasoned industry experts, so you always receive the components you need.

3 Advantages of Choosing NMG Aerospace Solenoid Valves

1. Superior product quality

As a world-class manufacturer for the aerospace industry, NMG maintains an unwavering dedication to offering high-quality products and services. In fact, many international aviation and defense organizations depend on NMG for their aerospace component needs.

NMG’s zero defects policy also eliminates the risks of dangerous failures even in high-pressure applications. Furthermore, this significantly increases safety for operators and passengers. NMG is entirely committed to high-precision manufacturing to suit the needs of their customers. So, they can produce the safest and most effective aerospace solenoid valves and components for any application.

2. Unmatched versatility

NMG is one of the top aerospace machine shops in the industry, so they have the ability to offer a more diverse selection of services. In addition to traditional aerospace solutions, NMG offers many other capabilities:

  • Aerospace Welding
  • Aerospace Solenoid Valves
  • Product Assembly and Testing
  • Prototype Testing
  • Repair Station
  • Welding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Product Design and Development
  • Finishing
  • High Volume Machining
  • Laser Etching
  • Pneumatic Tool Repair
  • Precision Machining
  • And More!

3. Value-added services

Continuous Improvement

This is one of NMG’s central operating policies. Continuous Improvement means NMG Aerospace is constantly searching for ways to further develop their manufacturing capabilities, so they can provide the best components in the industry. NMG invests its time and resources in the expertise of its staff. As a result, they can more effectively design and manufacture aerospace solutions.

NMG also utilizes advanced CI tools for increased precision. So, they can eliminate waste production and enhance workflow. Additionally, CI tools provide customers with more value and quicker turnaround.

NMG is an invaluable resource for those in need of high-quality aerospace components. They offer high precision and unmatched quality, so you always receive optimal components with pricing within your budget.

Competitive Cost Country Sourcing

NMG has developed professional relationships and partnerships with various cost country sourcing suppliers. So, they can provide competitive cost sourcing for initial quoting upon customer request. Non-restricted products are typically transferred to competitive cost country sources to minimize costs without sacrificing quality or delivery speed.

If you are looking for ways to decrease overall costs for your aerospace components, NMG is your best option.

Direct Shipping

NMG’s direct shipping services allow customers to eliminate unnecessary labor costs, overhead, and potential errors. In fact, they can ship your product directly to your customer in your packaging with your paperwork. 

Direct shipping services also remove the need for inventory, shorten overall lead time, and the costs of unpacking, inspection, and repacking. NMG Aerospace ships hundreds of products to its customers’ customers each month, so you can trust them to get your products to their destinations.

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